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Dear Mike, I have known you over 12 years or more now, back from when you first serviced my Isuzu Trooper at the dealership. I have always had excellent service and repair jobs. As a quality assurance engineer for a major corporation, I know when a repair job is done right. I specifically asked for you to do all my repairs because I always wanted the best for my vehicle from the best technician you can find. You are honest and you have integrity. You are highly experienced in automotive repairs and can repair any problem no matter how complex it is. You have given me advice over the phone and solved many difficult issues on my vehicle.
Since you started your own business a few years back, I continued to service my Trooper at your shop. I now service my Honda at your shop. I recommended you to many of my friends and colleagues, and every single one has come back to me to tell me how much satisfied they were with your service. I'll never forget when you offered me your own vehicle to drive while you were servicing my car and I had to go back to work for a meeting. More recently, when my Honda would not start as I was picking it up from your shop (my kid left a reading light on for several days) you offered me one of your shop battery packs to ensure I got home safely. I will always service my vehicles at your shop, and continue to recommend you to all my friends and colleagues at work. Thank you.


Mike, thank you for what you did for us. Contacting us about a repair that was covered under our warranty due to an obscure bulletin took money directly out of your pocket. We would have never known about the warranty coverage if you hadn't informed us. What you did took true integrity! We've been searching for nearly a decade for a car repair place in the area we could trust, and we've finally found one. THANK YOU!


Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy doing business with you guys. You are very patient with me and my schedule. I've never had to wait very long to get my services done, and the quality of work is fantastic. I am your loyal customer for LIFE!


I had only had my car for 3 months when the power steering belt snapped off. I received Integrity Auto's name name from a friend who spoke highly of how honest Mike and the company handles the business. While on my way to his shop the alternator belt snapped and I ended up having to call Integrity Auto who recommended a towing company they usually worked with and trusted. After inspecting my car for the repairs Mike gave me a call and let me know that I should call my car company who sold me the car even though I didn't have an extended warranty and to let them know the situation and to then have them call him directly. About 45 minutes later I received a call from my car company letting me know they were going to trust integrity auto with the repair and I was not going to pay a dime for it. I later found out Mike had challenged my auto company to it being on their fault and that he didnt think I could swing the repairs and held them to letting him give it a full inspection for making sure it was done right. The fact that Mike at Integrity took the time to make sure everything would be safe for me AND looked out for me when I never mentioned I was low on funds ( I absolutely was) to make sure I had my car taken care of has made me a forever customer and I tell everyone I know. Integrity Auto earns its title in every matter of business and I know I will never be taken advantage of for repairs/costs I dont need which is a nearly extinct find in Auto Repair world.

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